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More of the Same

If Iowa looks like this, I dread even to imagine what Minnesota looks like...

Frankfurter Allgemeine: Court Allows Airbus to Expand Hamburg Facility This clears the way for final assembly of the 'Super Airbus' A380 in Hamburg and the creation of 4000 jobs. Aviation (mainly Airbus and Lufthansa) is already the biggest industry in Hamburg (in terms of numbers of jobs), and Hamburg (behind Seattle and Toulouse) is the 3rd largest aviation city in the world. However, the new assembly hall is set to be built on a mudflat that is a EU-protected wildlife refuge.

A couple of weeks ago I said we were 99% sure. Now we are 100% sure, and we know when it will happen. But we can't say what it is yet. This is the Internet, after all, and we don't know who all will be reading this. But next Wednesday, the 28th, we'll have a big announcement to make. And you heard it here first.

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