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Long for your Kiss

Mama's on the road tonight. On Wednesday we'll be able to explain how she'll be putting less miles on her tires and more miles on her frequent flyer card in the coming months.

In the 'now I feel really old' department, my parents told me about a high school classmate of mine (she graduated a year later than I) who will be retiring this year. Yes, she was in the military.

Garret praised the English website of the FAZ for not running any ads. This must only be true for readers outside Germany. I see banner ads on the site. But when I go through Anonymizer, a proxy service located in California, the ads are gone. FAZ is somehow checking where you come from. (Correction: The ads do appear for Garret, he just overlooked them.) The FAZ is too right-wing anyway. Is there any other major German newspaper with English translations online?

True Midwesterners will recognize the term 'forenoon lunch'. It's a second breakfast, eaten out in the field if you're farming. Well, Christopher just had his... and it's just 9:00! (He later had a second 'forenoon lunch', and a normal dinner at noon.)

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