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Kissed the Air, Said Goodbye...


  • 4:30 Up too early, check mail, do some perl work, cereal for breakfast.
  • 6:30 Christopher wakes up 30 minutes too early. Give him some apple juice, quickly shave and shower.
  • 7:00 Wash and dress Christopher, feed him his cereal, gather our bags and coats.
  • 7:40 Take off.
  • 8:00 Drop off Christopher with Heidi at day care. Big greeting from Artus, the German Shepherd.
  • 9:15 Got stuck in traffic, arrive somewhat late
  • 16:10 Take off after handling a last minute mail.
  • 17:15 Pick up Christopher, say goodbye to Heidi and Artus. His day was good... slept well, and (as always) ate well.
  • 17:30 Arrive at home. Banana, Bobby Car, check mail, reconfigure an SSL Server, wrestle on the couch.
  • 19:00 Supper for Christopher, black bread and cheese. One last round with the Bobby Car, then change, pyjamas, tea bottle, bed.
  • 19:45 OK, where did I leave off this morning?

Brent says: "I like the dings and scratches on things ... Tiny stories." He obviously doesn't have kids yet.

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