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A story not for the squeamish
We looked up 'diarrhea' in the Dictionary of Childhood Diseases that my mother-in-law gave us. The definition starts with the remark that everyone experiences it. Christopher is experiencing it now, it's the third day and we're starting to worry. It's strange because as it started, he had fever and was noticably sick and inactive. But his appetite and behavior were almost normal yesterday, and this morning he looked and acted normal. But he refused lunch, the diarrhea returned in the afternoon, and although he ate well after his nap, he refused supper. But he has no fever, and he's drinking well. We are thoroughly confused. We'd take him to his doctor if it were a weekday, but as it's the weekend we'll let him sleep and see how he is in the morning, then decide if we head the the children's clinic in Hamburg.

Anyway, with that background, at 5pm I heard the telltale signs of a new episode. Since we had already done two complete changes today, I thought that with quick action I could avoid a third complete change. I was too quick. He wasn't finished. As he lay undressed on the changing table, the first shot got me on the leg. I instinctively jumped aside, and the second shot landed a good meter from the table. The third shot had a good arch and reached a meter and a half. I was frozen in shock, but Christopher amazingly felt no pain at all and found the situation quite hilarious. At this point Mama came into the room and wisely suggested that we quickly block the source. Good thing we have a full bottle of pet stain remover for the carpet. It works for children's stains too, and covers the odor as well.

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