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In my world I take him out for tea

20°C (that's 68 for you Fahrenheits) and sunny. Spring is here. I took Christopher out in the carriage on the short walk, around the asparagus fields and through the 'Buttermoor'. At the half-way point, where you can clearly see our house and backyard across the fields, he started laughing out loud. Maybe he recognized that this is the view that he sees from his bedroom window. But probably not.

Finally today, Christopher seems to be over his stomach bug. I know we have at least two interested medical professionals reading this (one of which is Christopher's grandmother... hi Mom!), so I'll go into detail. Yesterday he was not yet over it, so we took a trip to the pharmacist on call for the weekend. (There are no over-the-counter medications in Germany; you get all medicine, whether with prescription or without, even aspirin, from a pharmacist from behind the counter.) The pharmacist told us that there must be an epidemic of stomach flu, since he was giving us his last stock of 'Diarrhoesan' (natural medicine with active ingredients apple pectin and camomile). It seemed to help. Christopher outright refused the electrolyte solution, though, but since he was drinking his fruit tea with apple juice, we weren't all that worried about dehydration. Today I tried to stick to the BART (banana-apple-rice-toast) diet. His appetite was not that good, and he took an extra nap.

Tomorrow at work I'm supposed to give a workshop on HTML/CGI/JSP, an overview for our quality managers and technical editors. In German, of course. I don't have much experience (i.e. none) with Java servlets, but the rest I could recite in my sleep. We'll start with HTTP requests via telnet (browser? we don't need no stinking browser!).

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