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Oh my God, can't say no

Yet another difference between Germany and the US. Germany sells high tech to China that it can't afford itself (Transrapid train for Shanghai). The US just drops high tech espionage aircraft at China's doorstep... at no charge.

And another. Bush rejects the Kyoto accord and gets raspberries from home and abroad. Germany's Schröder embraces Kyoto, yet according to ARD's Monitor German carbon dioxide emissions actually increased in 2000.

And on the home front, Christopher is once again very 'consistent', to the relief of both parents and day care. (By the way, his new favorite toys are Happy Meal premiums Furby and Shelby that sing to one another. Hopefully the batteries will run out soon.)

Bovine PC. At work, I was given a PC named 'galloway' as a backup web server. It's now infected with BSE... I mean, installed with BSD. I then installed the ports, and now it's full of MK files (MK is the German abbreviation for Foot and Mouth). I hope that a disinfection will not be necessary.

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