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DV Hello World

Christopher thanks Andrea, Hal and John for their good wishes. Someday he'll walk right up to them and shake their hands.

After installing a replacement Firewire card, I was finally able to capture some video onto my PC. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.

Reading about the possible writer's strike in Hollywood reminded me of an article in the Abendblatt a couple of weeks ago (for which I can find no link) describing how European television is becoming less American. Even though there are ever more commericial stations in Europe with more time to fill, it is cheaper for them to produce their own shows than to buy from the US. At least in Germany, there are no US series in prime time any more (although plenty of American movies)... a show like 'Friends' might be on after 11 pm or on Saturday afternoon. And to add insult to injury, even American television is becoming less American. Three of the top ten shows (Big Brother, Survivor, Millionaire) are imported concepts.

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