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Vacation Plans

I won't use the word 'might' anymore. All three of us will drive down to Amsterdam next weekend. I can't remember the last pleasure trip we took. Before Mama's pregnancy, I'm sure, so it's been at least 2 years. (Except, of course, for our road trip to Odessa while in Minnesota last fall. But that wasn't an overnight.)

I was last in Amsterdam in 1985 on our honeymoon of sorts. We were poor students, and couldn't afford a hotel, only a boat hostel which turned out to be owned by some cult.

In August we'll go to Sylt, on the North Sea coast, for a week. Mama's employer owns an an apartment for employee use. Sylt has the reputation of being overrun by millionaire snobs in the summer, but the millionaires are pretty easy to avoid, if you're careful.

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