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Early Morning


Weekend! Well, for most of us anyway. Mama is on tour tomorrow, so Christopher and I will take a 'Vatertag' tour together. But without schnaps.

After 8 weeks in the shop for guarantee repairs, my DVD player is on it's way home, at least according to the online RMA databank. Unless it's a hoax.


Brent, I'm a baby boomer, and I like punk too. Cool.

And Sheila, I would have been in a good mood this morning whether the Twins won or not. Four-day weekend starts tomorrow, and the weather should be good all four days! (But Seattle-Minnesota would be a cool playoff series this fall.)


Some days you wake up at 5 am, the sun is shining, the air smells wonderful, the birds are chirping, Christopher is sleeping peacefully, and all seems well with the world.

Or maybe I was picking up good vibes from Minnesota. Twins 12 Mariners 11. Only at the Metrodome is a 8-0 lead unsafe.
Here is the in-progress summary of the top of the 9th from Yahoo at 5:30 my time. The next pitch was a strike to end the game.

Batting: Mark Mclemore (L) - 1-for-5, .296, R
Pitching: Latroy Hawkins (R) - 2.45
Balls: 2
Strikes: 2
Top of the 9th Runners: Tom Lampkin on second Outs: 2

I Suzuki, RF
Mclemore, 3B
E Martinez, DH
Olerud, 1B
B Boone, 2B
Cameron, CF
Javier, LF
C Guillen, SS
Lampkin, C</p>

Paniagua, P

Pitch 6: Foul ball Minnesota
C Guzman, SS
D Hocking, DH
Mientkiewicz, 1B
Lawton, RF
Koskie, 3B
T Hunter, CF
J Jones, LF
Rivas, 2B
Pierzynski, C</p>

Hawkins, P
</small></td> </tr>

Seattle Inning Summary
· Olerud singled to center.
· B Boone singled to right center, Olerud to second.
· Latroy Hawkins relieved Eddie Guardado.
· Cameron singled to right center, Olerud to third, B Boone to second.
· Javier grounded into fielder's choice to third, B Boone to third, Cameron to second, Olerud out at home.
· C Guillen singled to left, B Boone and Cameron scored, Javier to third.
· Lampkin doubled to right center, Javier scored, C Guillen to third.
· I Suzuki hit sacrifice fly to left, C Guillen scored.
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