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From BookNotes: Jeffords leaves GOP, throwing Senate control to Democrats. Whether or not you agree with the outcome, you can't really say that such a shift in the balance of power is really democratic, now can you.

fli4l (floppy isdn4linux) is a linux router-on-a-floppy system (website mostly in German). It requires just a 386, and includes drivers for isdn, dsl and ethernet, firewall and NAT functions, and a number of utilities for monitoring from linux or windows clients. And it fits on a floppy disk. I've been using a Debian machine as a router up til now, but this looks promising. I've found it by accident, but it was also mentioned in the latest c't (11/2001 p127). Update: Cool, it works! It took me 20 minutes to set up (but then again, I've set up ISDN routers before).

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