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It's All True

Last Flight Home


Thanks to an overly long meeting in Munich, Mama missed the last flight back to Hamburg. She has to fly to Hannover and rent a car, and she could only say good night to Christopher on the phone.

Culinary highlights of Amsterdam

  • Like Dave, we had to have herring Broodjes. They were good, and Christopher enjoyed his share, but we didn't think they much different from north German Fischbrotchen.
  • On Sunday we three shared a large order of Poffertjes (mini pancakes) with strawberries and cream for lunch. We sat outside at a colorful stand.



  • And, of course, the beer. Thankfully, the north German '7 minute Pils' never caught on in Holland, and your Heineken (short but fresh) is brought to you within seconds after it's ordered.
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