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Goodbye Mr. Anderson

Since getting our DVD player back, I've been re-watching various scenes of "The Matrix". DVDs are nice for that. Especially on gloomy rainy Pentecost holiday weekends. They say the weather will clear up by Tuesday.

I've talked the things we saw in Amsterdam, but not yet about the people. In no particular order... (links and pictures to follow)

Andrea and André are students in Bonn. We had arranged to meet ahead of time in Amsterdam and we were at the same hotel, and they let us tag along on a couple of walks through the city.

Sandra works at Jamba and organized the dinner. She was a gracious hostess, even though Christopher fell in love with her shoes and fondled them for several minutes. She didn't seem to mind.

Kishore and Sushma are from India, but moved this April near Heidelberg. He works for the German company SAP, so they had some inkling of the culture they were moving to.

Jan-Willem is from Utrecht, just 30 minutes from Amsterdam. He had some good ideas about using weblogs for international communication and for overcoming language barriers. He also bought the last round of drinks.

Dave could be Christopher's honorary Jewish godfather. Dave founded the 'editthispage' service the same month that Christopher was born, and Christopher has become a kind of poster child for the community that evolved. Dave played a couple of time with Christopher, and told me as I left that with a kid like Christopher, I'll have to live with having him in the foreground and me in the background.

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