PapaScott I like big blogs and I cannot lie! 🐘

This evening I finished up the content for the day-care website I'm putting together for Christopher's "Tagesutter". Instead of 4 or 5 pages it ended up being 9 pages. Those day-care people are doing a lot more than I thought.

In trying lasso loose domains and set up an SSL PKI account, my desk at work is awash with paperwork. I have to track down legal paperwork for UK corporations, wire transfers of US dollars to South Africa, and get my boss to vouch to Thawte that I am really me and that I really work for him.

George W probably thinks he's smart to show up at the EU summit in Sweden on Thursday. If he were really smart, he would have crashed the French-German pre-summit in Freiburg today, where Schröder, Chirac and Jospin decided in advance what will be decided at the EU summit. (By the way, Mama is miffed that George W isn't visiting Berlin on his first visit to Europe. Then again, Mama is miffed by just about everything that George W does or doesn't do.)

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