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Happy Lateday

I usually don't like giving out birthday greetings, because 1) I'm afraid of forgetting someone and making them feel left out and 2) I don't want to make anyone feel obligated to give me anything in return or to throw a party for themselves ("Happy birthday, what did you bring for us to eat?)". But on the Internet, I just figured out that neither argument holds any water, since 1) people announce their own birthdays, so you can't really forget anyone and 2) you can't really spend anything on anyone, so there are no obligations. So anyway, it's a day late and a dollar short, but best wishes to Andrea and Sheila. May the Mariners win every game on your iBook, or something lie that.

Hooray! Mozilla 0.9.1 arrived via apt-get over the weekend, and it's now better than Netscape 4.77. I'm giving up Netscape for good, since now along with Mozilla we've got Opera and Konqueror. Hey, on Linux every day is like Microsoft-Free Friday, and there is never a All-Microsoft Monday.

Netscape made my first attempt at a white calendar look like this, which I must admit is quite funky, but not really what I intended. (What does it look like on a Mac? I'm almost afraid to ask...)


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