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Miscommunication can take many forms. Take this weekend. Something is goofy with our ISDN connection. On the weekend, Mama diverts the calls from her mobile from work to our home phone. This weekend, several callers heard nothing but silence when they tried to call her (instead of a ring, or the answering machine, or a busy signal). The problem could be anywhere... the mobile provider, our ISDN provider, or in one of the three devices we have connected to ISDN (a PBX, a a/b converter, and a PC ISDN card). And Mama isn't particularly satisfied with hearing that I don't know where the problem lies. She just knows that she missed some important calls.

Or take tomorrow. I knew Mama was staying in Munich Tuesday night, which means I've got to get Christopher ready Wednesday morning. But then just this evening she says that she has to catch an early flight tomorrow, meaning I have to get him ready tomorrow morning as well. She probably assumed that if I knew she was flying to Munich, that she would be leaving early. But I'm still not paricularly happy about being informed just the evening before.

I guess in a perfect relationship both partners communicate eveything that needs to be communicated. In a relationship that is only good but not perfect, you have to accept that both partners are going to make mistakes. And that's as good as it's going to get.

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