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Now that I have the AirLancer cards working, I'm finally able to use "Debian" Linux on the ThinkPad. I can't do any real work under Windows. There's no perl included. There's no ssh included. And there's no emacs included. How can anybody get anything done? What about Brent and his dream?

Husband runs into wife in brothel
(From the back page of the Abendblatt, which extends on the miscommunication theme from yesterday and is worth translating in full) Aachen: A 37-year-old Aachener will likely never forget his most recent brothel visit. To his surprise, he met his 30-year-old wife, who was working as an part-time prostitute. Since neither was aware of the other's "little secret", the meeting resulted in a loud argument which could only be broken up by police. A police spokesman: "the further fate of the pair is unknown." (ddp)

Ich bin kein Homerun-Hitter
(I'm no homerun hitter) The Twins are making international press. In the weekly US Sport section of today's Hamburger Abendblatt is a report of Christian Guzman's grand slam against Detroit over the weekend (with a quote from TK).


Tis the season to be changing URLs. The latest is Susan, moving from "editthispage" to Looking at it from a selfish point of view, the more people who leave EditThisPage, the better the performance will be for those of us who stay. ";->"

Changing URLs or having URLs go dead for days at a time... I can't afford anything like that at work. We sell "e-integrated financial solutions and services" (I guess that would be "banking software" in normalspeak), and any breakdown in reliability or security would reflect badly on the company. My web servers get pinged every five minutes... if a ping is missed, I get paged, and so does my boss. (The only times I've been paged is when I've been doing system maintenance and have forgotten to disable the ping.)

Now I appreciate "Userland" hosting this domain at no cost, but UserLand does not do it out of the goodness of its heart. We help UserLand to load test and debug its software. How else could they get Google to bombard their servers? How else would UserLand know that having Google bombarding its servers can cause problems?

Now, I don't demand 99.999% reliability from "editthispage" either (that's 5 minutes downtime per year) or even 99% (5000 minutes downtime, or nearly 4 days). And since I run web servers for a living, I don't need to prove to myself that I can. I do PapaScott just for the fun of it.

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