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More downtime

debian-devel-announce: "If you install this package... login, su and other programs that ask for a password all fail." I feel like Bart Simpson. "You mean I broke my system so badly that not even root can login without rebooting into single-user mode? Cool!" That's why they call the current distribution "unstable"!

To be fair after my anti-Windows rant last night, the 3rd or 4th program I install under Linux is a Citrix client to log into an NT Terminal Server. That's necessary for me to be able to use a Lotus Notes client.

I've now gone two weeks without using Netscape (except to check layouts), either at home or at work. It's all Mozilla, Opera and Konqueror now. Konqueror would be my favorite of the three, except for a bug that sometimes makes it send a GET instead of a POST. As a consequence, I'm unable to use it to flip my page.


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