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Damage report


This is Christopher sitting (under the awning) outside in the rain this evening. It was raining this morning too. On our walk in the 10 steps between our front door and my car, I tripped over 4 giant, evil, ferocious black slugs. The kind that eat every living plant in their path. Gruesome creatures.

Christopher had much more energy than I did this afternoon. I was barely able to keep up with his path of destruction. Here is his damage report for today.

  • 5:30pm, arrive at home, drop and shatter saucer of cat food onto tile floor
  • Escape into hallway and descend staircase into basement without supervison
  • Empty kitchen drawer (without childproof latch) with food processor onto floor
  • Empty kitchen cabinet (without childproof latch) with household chemicals (note to parents, this one really needs a latch!)
  • Empty package of 500 mini plastic toothpicks onto floor
  • Empty bucket of dry cat food onto floor
  • Sent outside, sit in wet Bobby Car
  • Sit quietly outside in patio chair, don't move when rain starts, get wet (but get cute picture taken, see above)
  • While in Papa's arms outside, grab Papa's glasses and throw onto lawn, Papa blind for 10 minutes
  • Once inside again, reach for knobs on stove and turn on emtpy burner
  • Dry cat food is now interesting again, empty cat food dish onto floor, splash hands in water dish
  • While Papa tries to read mail on laptop, crawl onto Papa's lap, slap keyboard, kill mail client
  • 7:45pm, Mama arrives home from work, control and responsibility transferred from Papa to Mama, fed and sent to bed
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