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Mud in your eye

Abendblatt: For DM 30 million, Hamburg SV has renamed its Volkspark stadium as the AOL-Arena.

Regarding yesterday's "damage report", Andrea asks if if every day is like that. While my report was a slight exagerration, I'd have to say yes. I even missed a couple of points, like Christopher emptying his wash basin onto himself. And I skipped the part where we spent 15 minutes together watching drops of water drip from the awning outside, catching the drops as they fell. And the part where, dressed in his rain jacket, he ran out to meet Mama when she came home. Or how the 3 of us together did his 'stomp and turn' dance just before he went to bed. All in all, yesterday wasn't a bad day at all for Christopher, just somewhat eventful.

I would have been a good day for me too if I had slept well the night before, were not suffering from hay fever, and had not had a stressful day at work.
And had it not rained the entire day.

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