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Back in black

Another source of news from Germany in English is Expatica. For example: Wild housecats terrify students in Bamberg.

More to the point for us is a report on German Hausfrauenkultur (Housewives' Culture). German women are expected to stay home and care for their children until they are out of school. Luckily we can afford an alternative.

I'm (mostly) back up and around, just in time for the work week. Sounds like I missed a good picnic yesterday. The big kids were all playing on a slide too big for Christopher, so he made his own slide on a little hill on the ground, sliding down face first. He came home dirty and exhausted.

Putting heat in perspective: Having lived in both Minnesota and Arizona, my personal feelings of hot and cold are somewhat extreme. I can't really use the word 'hot' to describe any weather in Germany. For example, today is a pleasant, sunny north German summer day, 22°C. According to Hal, Sunday evening in Las Vegas was nearly twice as warm: 43°C (109°F) at 9pm. But in the desert it's a dry heat.

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