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Christopher cools off after a long hot day in the sandbox. (
PHPix seems to be working quite well for the pictures, even though it's running on a very underpowered box. I think we'll keep it!)

Posted in our company intranet: Bundesdance (Flash alert!) with Schröder, Merkel and Stoiber. You can pick their music and dance moves. Knowledge of German language and politics helpful but not required.

My look at OSX was fun. I didn't notice any signs of sluggishness, but I guess 256MB RAM at 733 MHz is enough to handle it. Alas, all we wanted the Mac for was Netscape 4.7x under OS9 to test a Java HBCI banking application. All we would have needed is an iMac for half the price.

BTW, running kill 1 as root in the OSX terminal brings the GUI to a halt and throws you into a full screen text window. We thought that was cool!

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