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Self Serve


Christopher decided to serve his own breakfast this morning. Br├Âtchen with strawberry jelly, but please hold the Br├Âtchen. More pictures from yesterday and today are here. (The Pictures link above has been updated to point to the new pictures site.)

Next week Mama travels to Verona for a meeting with the exective board and a visit to the opera on Friday night. (Spouses were also invited, but we felt that Christopher is too young yet to leave with a babysitter for 4 days, so the men are staying home.) But on Saturday afternoon, her brother and his wife are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a chartered cruise in the Kiel Bay. And looking at the flight plans, there is no way to get from Verona to Kiel in time for the cruise. Not unless she charters a helicopter. I don't suppose Adam Curry will loan us his.

Travel plans: We'll be in Minnesota for 3 weeks in December to celebrate Christmas and Christopher's second birthday, returning before New Year's. Next spring, Mama has a meeting in Las Vegas the last week of April. Christopher and I will tag along, and the authorities in Vegas have been warned. We'll probably also swing through the West Coast, so that Mama won't be able to complain anymore that I've never taken her to San Francisco.

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