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Too Loud to Think

We're cat lovers, we've had our three cats for over 15 years, going back to when we lived in Minnesota. But we do not love our cats between 4 and 7 am, when they are loud and obnoxious.

Helga, the middle cat, is sickly and that's sad, I know. But after years of being satisfied with dry food, she now insists on canned. Only certain types. Every 20 minutes. When I've just gotten up and am still somewhat groggy, I'm going to attend to people's needs first. Not Helga's.

Karl-Heinz is Mama's cat. He the youngest, a 20 lb fluffball with fluff for brains. Mornings he waits until the first sign that Mama will soon be conscious, then he pounces into bed. He only wants affection, and 20 lbs of affectionate fluff is hard to ignore (and, as a husband, hard to compete with).

Mausi is my cat. He's oldest, the smallest, and the smartest. He just wants to talk and follow me around. Even if I just want to use the bathroom at 4 am and go back to bed, he insists on waking up the entire house.

Then, by 7 am, when the humans have to be up and on their way, the cats have already taken over the bedroom and settled down for their day-long nap. Disgusting.

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