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No Broadband

I should have had this one yesterday... what happens when you try to deposit foreign checks at the bank (Flash alert! with music!) (via /usr/bin/girl)

Despite my hopes, the Telekom sent us a rejection notice for DSL after all, even though it's supposedly available in Jesteburg. They don't say why, just that it's 'technically infeasible at this time'. I suspect that we're too far from the "Central Office", so we're stuck with ISDN until something better comes along (the Telekom is supposedly testing lower bandwidth DSL that will work over longer distances). Our T-Online ISDN flatrate expires in October, but we can switch our ISDN line to Ewetel and use their flatrate.

A program I use every day: phpMyAdmin has been updated with many improvements. (via SWR)

Mama just called to say that she's just checked into the worst hotel she's experienced in 8 years of professional travelling. I guess she had to tell me, since usually I'm along when she experiences bad hotels. I'll be discrete and not mention where she is staying tonight.

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