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Move Along

Mama's flying to Munich and back today. We'll see if she runs into any new security procedures. Later: She didn't report anything unusual, except that on the place she sat next to a nice American man with a German wife and a 6-month-old son named Christopher Paul.

CNN: Hamburg cell reveals details. Looking at the pictures and the name that one of the hijackers used while in Hamburg, we realize that it's possible we might have had (slight) contact with him a couple of years ago.

Server change! Not for this website, but for our personal domains, photos and mail. My old hoster is going out of business. If I may pat myself on the back, the main domain is already done and took less than an hour. The trick was that I had the DNS at EasyDNS. Once I knew the new IP address, I just changed it on their web interface and it was active within 15 minutes. So no horror story of being unreachable for days!

FWIW, my domains are now at Pair, where I've done business before. FreeBSD, SSH access, and they got the site going within a couple hours of my online application.

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