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Nimda Simba

AOL/Time/Warner/Netscape/CNN is a worldwide media company, so they have to twist the news differently for different parts of the world.

In the US new.war.gif:

In Europe war.terror.gif:


I guess if the war is going to be fought in your backyard, you don't get a special graphic.

After gloating on inessential that the Nimda worm had nothing to do with me, since I work at a unix firm, I ended up spending the whole day having to do with it... or more correctly, making sure it had nothing to do with us. On the web side, a squid proxy server can be configured to keep it out. Nimda is a DoB (Denial of Bandwidth) attack, which in the end translates into DoM (Denial of Money).

Meanwhile FreeBSD 4.4 and KDE 2.2.1 are out, in case the Nimdas aren't taking up all your bandwidth.

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