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After The Day is Gone

Last night I went to bed early, right after Christopher. And slept for 10 hours straight. Mama's been in Hannover for a meeting since Thursday, comes back this evening.

I didn't see Bush's speech, since 9pm Eastern = 3am CET is not a very convenient time. Reading the text the next morning made me sad. I couldn't put my finger on why until I read Craig's comments last evening. "(T)he Presidents speech was amazing. It was amazing because it was so final.... It was amazing in its certainty that we are going to war. It was amazing in that it held out no hope for a peaceful option."

Abendblatt: Terror-Angriff wurde in Hamburg geplant (Terror attack was planned in Hamburg) According to the Federal State Attorney's office, the planning began as early as 1999. Warrents have been issued for 2 former residents of the apartment in Hamburg-Harburg where 3 of the hijackers also had lived.

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