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Gonna Go For A Whirl

Regarding European reaction to the US response to September 11, in the SingBlueSilver discussion area, kris wrote:

    scott, your "krieg vs. war" discussion is probably the key to the problems. when i think of war i think of what my grandmother and my parents told me. and this is from the perspective of a victim.

I think you're right, kris. We Americans remember that war somewhat differently. Studs Terkel wrote an oral history of World War II entitled "The Good War", which I haven't read, but the title relects our thoughts quite well. It was a monumental task, but we got it done.

We use the word "war" quite often to mean a monumental task. The war on crime. The war on drugs. German doesn't seem to use "Krieg" in this way. Then there is the American phrase "moral equivalent of war". There's no German equivalent, I don't think, no phrase for "moral equivalent of the worst possible moral outcome". So when American speak of a new "war", it could very well be misunderstood.

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