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Fast Asleep

More bilingualism: Today we'd say "Auto" to Christopher, and he'd answer sometimes with "car". And sometimes with "Auto". And sometimes he'd just laugh. (Maybe we should try out the official German word for car: Personenkraftwagen.)

"Won't cat lovers revolt? Act now!" and more palindromes today at 2020 Hindsight.

Dave gave Christopher credit for my suggestions for the new changes.xml file for :-) I don't mind. Seriously, the changes that Dave is proposing for the service (mainly that sites should notify when they are updated, rather than checking every site every hour) should mean a big improvement in both availability and usability.

Been reading news today with Amphetadesk, a news collector written in Perl that works on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Mama's taking a couple days off in advance of the German Unity holiday (also known as Solidarity Surtax day) tomorrow. At 5 am she couldn't sleep anymore and starting putzing around in the basement, forgetting that the accoustics in our house bring sound from the basement directly into the bedroom...

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