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More "war" vs "Krieg"

Alwin: "I've had all the same problems a lot of folks have had. Obsessive, fearful thoughts about the aftermath of 9/11." John Robb: "This is very scary stuff. The malls are empty in the US. People are staying home. Nobody is doing anything. IF everyone remains scared or depressed, we are in a world of hurt."

My brother has called me just two times since we came to Germany. The first was to tell me that he was getting married. The second was to tell me he was scared to death by 9/11 and what could happen next.

Maybe it's because I'm an expat far away, out of touch with what's going on at home, but I'm not scared to death. Worried, yes, but not scared. But if that's the mood back in the US, if 4 weeks after the attacks everyone is paralyzed with gloom and dread, then the terrorists have won. A couple of dozen guys with box cutters have accomplished what they wanted to accomplish.

I said that the difference between "war" and "Krieg" was that wars take place far away. 9/11 changed that. It was an act of war that happened at home. But to stare paralzyed into the oncoming headlights is the wrong reaction. Whether the headlights are real or not.


Yet another ISDN outage left us high and dry from Friday morning to Monday. So we were unable to read, or post, or work, or use the telephone over the weekend. The Telekom now claims to have found the problem and to have solved yet. We'll see. In retrospect, I can only recommend planning your outages so that they occur on weekdays during business hours.

Doc (at home) and John (at work) have been have connectivity problems as well.

On Friday at work, I burned a CD with some 50000 XML data files for a project. The actual scripts I left in my home directory, intending to download them from home. Of course, no ISDN, no Internet, no connecting to work. I had 250 MB of files on the CD, but couldn't get to my 10 KB of scripts.

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