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After being out two days with stomach flu, and a hectic Friday, we're back online. Then again, every day with Christopher is hectic, now isn't it? Especially when his back molars are pushing through.

Heard yesterday on NDR4: there have been over 600 Anthrax hoaxes in Germany the past week. 10% of all postal mail has been delayed as a result.

Sunday could be the day for Hal and Audrey, quite a bit earlier than planned. But don't births usually not go as planned? Expect the unexpected!

We watched MSNBC on satellite for a bit this evening, just to get an idea of the tone of reporting in the US (which we can't get from CNN International because it is too, well, international). My main impression was this: is the American media really reduced to using toy helicopters as props to report on Afghanistan?

I was boycotting news about FC St. Pauli until there was something good to report. In the 10th match of the season, they finally got a win, 4-0 at home against Cottbus. They now have 7 points in 10 games, and are next-to-last instead of dead last.

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