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Space Park

We three took a field trip to Bremen, where Mama has a professional interest in the Space Park Bremen, a edutainment/shopping complex under construction on the harbor scheduled to open next fall. But can it really attract 12 million visitors a year?

blogtracker might be a good way to keep track of favorites with the new It takes a long time select entries, though, since there are some 5000 to choose from.

Christopher is still waking us up way too early. Today we forced him to stay awake until 9pm, so hopefully he will let us sleep in tomorrow morning.

He's fascinated by electric drills, it seems. He was cheers us on whenever we have something to drill, and of course the big loud hammer drill is better than the little rechargeable Chinese drill. And he pretends to drill into the floor, complete with sound effect. So we got him a toy tool chest today, complete with battery-powered toy drill. So he doesn't have to make his own noise anymore.

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