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Moonlight Savings Time

blogtracker now lets you search for blogs by name or URL, and even lets you set a time zone. Cool.

I've been inspired to overhaul my favorites list here. It's mostly for my own use, but everyone is free to click on the links.

Keeping Christopher up for an extra hour worked, but not as well as we had hoped. He slept one hour longer, but that hour was of course negated by the switch back to standard time. seems to have stumbled over the time change... the 'when' attributes was showing negative numbers for new updates in the first hour after the switch. The problem disappeared after that ";->"

We finally got confirmation from EWETel that we will be switching our phone line on 23 Nov. That's good, since our flatrate with T-Online expired two weeks ago. Until EWETel takes over, we're paying for our Internet by the minute, just like in the dark ages.

NY Post: "The Yankees melted in the desert last night in Game 1 of the World Series. They were putrid on the mound, rotten in the field and impotent at the plate." (via Scripting News, no friend of the Yankees)

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