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Tied Up

Woke up at 6, just in time to see the final box score of Game 4 on Yahoo. Rats. But Christopher again is still asleep!

Got our first look at the new euro currency last night, 6 weeks ahead of the general public. Mama had a euro training class at work, and received an envelope with 3 bills and 8 coins totalling 38.88. The coins are heavy!

A Mac-o-Lantern found buried on Slashdot. Scary.

John Robb asked yesterday whether the US Postal Service is worth saving. Who owns the USPS these days anyway? I spent 10 minutes clicking around their website, and left without a clue. For the German post, I had the answer within 3 clicks (that they are a publically traded corporation in which the German government holds a majority share).

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