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Bounce Bounce

This will be a loud and busy weekend, since we are having parquet flooring installed in the living room. Canadian maple. First we have to clear out the toys and furniture.

I don't have time to write up a description this evening, but here is my adaption of Adam Curry's blogrolling macro: Blogrolling with PHP alone

Germany had its own version of anthrax anxiety yesterday. I never would have mentioned it here except that a state health minister called one case 'confirmed', which turned out not to be the case at all.

Of course the Harry Potter movie is not going to be as good as the book. The movie never is.

I've been trying out the VMWare Workstation 3.0 "near-release quality beta" at work. It took some work to convert an existing image, but once it's going it's real nice and snappy.

Here's a brand new quote I just made up: "To switch to OS X you might have to mortgage your house, but to switch to Windows XP you have to sell your soul."

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