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They're Mad Now

There aren't many times that I miss being in the States. Game 7 of the World Series is one of those times. With the Twins in 1991, I had to listen to Voice of America on shortwave in Mallorca to find out that they had won. Now the games are televised live here, 2 am to 6 am, but only on pay digital TV. We don't pay and we don't have a decoder. So we'll sleep, rooting for the D-Backs in our dreams, and wake up at 6 am to see if they won.

NY Post: "'It's a best-of-one now,' Arizona Game 6 winner Randy Johnson said. Tino Martinez added, 'Winner takes all, losers go home.'"

Chaos in the house. The parquet floor is done, but the baseboards and some finishing won't be done until tomorrow. So we can't put stuff back on the shelves yet, our dishes and glassware is out on the counters, the house is not safe and we have to watch Christopher every minute. The floor looks great, though. Christopher's already tried to put a dent in it.

Adam Curry's Blog Rolling macro is bound to become the "Hello World" app for The description of my version is now ready: Blogrolling with PHP alone.

No closer necessary: "The Arizona Diamondbacks forced a decisive Game Seven in the 2001 World Series with a 15-2 dismantling of the New York Yankees"

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