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Last post before vacation!

We survived our flash trip to Munich. The party was in Bad Wiessee, 45 minutes out by bus, picturesque I'm sure if it hadn't been dark. The trip back to Munich was an adventure: 2:20 am, dark, cold, no coat, no phone, no taxi, wakeup call at 6:15 am.

Since we're in the Twin Cities anyway, I understand there's an Apple Store at Mall of America.

Note to self:

I sold my soul last week und updated my Windows 98 partition to XP, mainly so I could process digital video without having to break my brain. My first impression is good. My primary OS for the past 7 years has been Linux (since kernel 0.99something), and will continue to be, but I don't have to be ashamed to boot up XP once in a while (or use in in a controlled space like VMWare).

If I only had a month to live, I'd fly without luggage!

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