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Somewhat unvoluntarily, I had a chance to informally compare health care costs in the US and Germany. A couple of visits ago, my mother got sick here and we took her to our doctor. Cost of the office visit was $20, plus about $3 for a blood test, and the bill wasn't sent out for several weeks. Last Saturday, I got sick in Minnesota and had to visit my mother's doctor. Office visit was $60, plus $35 for a throat culture. I had to pay cash on the spot, even though the bill won't be ready for my insurance for several weeks.

I also got a prescription for 10 days of antibiotics, at $10 per day. That would be comparable to here, although my doctor here would never prescribe more than 5 days of antibiotics at a time. Later all strep tests were negative.

After buying coffee this morning and milk this afternoon, I have just one 50 DM note and 8 DM in change left.

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