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Christopher the artist... and, yes, that's ink all over his legs. He was at the doctor today for his U7 exam, and one of the doctor's questions was whether he can scribble on paper yet. His vital statistics: wieght 14.2 kg, height 88 cm, head circumference 48 cm. He's a bit heavy for his height (but still within the normal curve), and everything else is normal as well except speech development, which is slightly behind, but to be expected in a bilingual family. In case you are wondering, here are examples of Christopher's art on paper and on his own skin.

My first test in the basement found that there is absolutely no 802.11b reception from my router upstairs. That's none, zero, zilch, not even at 1 Mbs. I guess it's because of all the steel and concrete on the ground floor (this is German construction, after all, no wood at all). Reception in the dining room, on the other hand, is excellent. So I'll probably have to run a wire after all. We have a tube running from the basement upstairs for such things, but it enters not our office, but Christopher's room.

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