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Missing Persons

Christopher's favorite toy at the moment seems not to be a toy, but a CD player. He got a set of kids CDs from his Uncle Steve and family, and we 've left a portable player within reach in his room. He gets a kick out of turning it on and off and pushing the skip button to start a new song.

Alwin will be happy to know that yesterday, along with his U7, Christopher got caught up with his vaccinations. Next shot is planned for 2006.

To repeat what Wes says, the new iMac looks nice. But can I get one without a monitor? I'd love to try out OS X, but not for €2000. I was thinking of putting together a secondary PC für multimedia anyway, but my budget for that is closer to €300, since I already have some of the parts.

Note to grandparents: The two missing bus people have been found. They were in the box with the train set.

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