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Notes Sucks

I've been considering weblog server software (much like WorldWideKlein as well today). I've considered sunlog (in German, but that would be no problem), but right now I've been playing with Movable Type over at So far I really like it. It might be a keeper!

Lotus Notes ruined my morning. Let's just say that there is some sort of undocumented limit to the length of all aliases for a view, and when that limit is exceeded and the alias is called via http, the server responds gracefully by crashing. Took me about 10 crashes to figure that out.

To add to the misery, I had a backup of the database restored to my home directory, which somehow changed the ownership of my home directory to that of the Notes database, which made it impossible for me to mount my home directory, which made it impossible for me to ssh to my servers. No, it was not a good morning at all.

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