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Leftover Lutefisk

I'm going to try posting items about Germany at my Movable Type site, but I'll link to some of them here. For example: Who is Edmund Stoiber?

Back in December, I mentioned that we would be <a /2001/12/22>eating lutefisk for our Hanson Christmas dinner. Hal remembered a childhood lutefisk dinner with his Swedish relatives, and I made the intelligent comment "I thought Swedes had more sense than to eat lutefisk".

On Christmas Day I missed a posting in my discussion group, since I was too busy recovering from the lutefisk dinner being sick and partaking of that American Christmas tradition of watching the John Wayne marathon on WTBS. Namely, Jonas (from Stockholm) wrote "Unfortunately, Swedes don't have more sense than that. Thanks for thinking we should, though. We call it lutfisk - and in fact I often eat it during Christmas. But I do stay clear of surstr├Âmming." (Warning: follow this link at your own risk! Ed.)

I also read a newspaper article from Seattle (but I no longer have the link) about a restaurant that would not be serving lutefisk this year (which was certainly a disappointment to certain residents of the Ballard neighborood). It mentioned the Norsefest in Madison, MN, and wondered if the lutefisk eating contest and the outhouse race there had something to do with one another.

Lutefisk was, however, still available at certain fine shops in Iowa.

Everyone else may be working with Radio today, but today was my day for laying cable. Twisted pair ethernet cable, that is... from our home office, through the wall to Christopher's room, down a PVC pipe in the wall two stories to the basement. I even crimped on the ends myself, and added a second hub. All I can say is... it worked, first try. I'm posting from the basement right now. And now I know the pin outs of the 8 wires in a twisted pair cable: white-orange, orange, white-green, blue, white-blue, green, white-brown, brown. Not bad for a guy who's color blind!

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