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Still Running

My Radio is still on, if anyone is interested.

We've now got a time and a place in Las Vegas: Sunday 21 April though Friday 26 April, Hotel Paris Las Vegas. The hotel was chosen for us. And yes, we'd love to meet up with Hal and family!

Christopher and I have had our last Monday alone together for a while. I simply cannot put in a full day's work at home alone with an active two-year-old. We'll be sending him to day care for at least part of the day starting next week.

German bureaucracy moves slowly, which can be advantageous at times. We were deliberately slow sending in our 2000 tax return to the local Finanzamt, knowing we'd owe a medium size chunk. We finally got the statement just before we left on vacation in December, as well as a request for some additional paperwork. We "forgot", and today got a polite reminder. But they still haven't booked anything from our bank account.

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