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J.D. Lasica reports on a Manila bug that can prevent you from flipping your page "if your home page's title is empty (or is a space...)". I've set today's title to test out that bug.

Mama decided to take a nap this afternoon, but Christopher did not. It took me 90 minutes to convince him otherwise.

The new motherboard didn't into my case, so I traded with Mama. Now she says her PC is too loud. She's right. I'll have to fix that for her.
Meanwhile XP is being installed on a empty drive, and the old FreeBSD drive is now in the Linux machine and runs under VMWare.

Christopher is causing an interesting glitch in our network. Our router is an old Pentium 200 running fl14l, a isdn4linux implentation that fits on a floppy. I've moved my desk and shelves to the basement, but the router has to stay upstairs since it is the peer for the wireless card in my notebook, and there is no wireless reception in the basement. But without my shelves, the router box is on a table within Christopher's reach. And he loves to pop the floppy out of the diskette drive. The router itself doesn't need the floppy disk anymore once it's running, but the DHCP server needs to write to the floppy. And Windows boxes tend to freak out if they can't find a DHCP server on startup (Linux boxes will just reuse the last settings). I just hope that Christopher doesn't try to hide the floppy once he pops it out.

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