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Christopher's First Interview

Today Christopher had an entry interview for Kindergarten. Unlike in the States, where Kindergarten is a year of half-day school before first grade, here it's a kind of state-sponsored day care available starting at age 3. In theory, every child is guaranteed a half-day place in Kindergarten. In practice, you have to apply for a spot early, and you may not get the location or the time slot you want. The cost and quality can vary widely from locality to locality. In Jesteburg the cost is based on income, so as double-earners we're at the high end of the scale. There are full-day groups available, with 25 children per caretaker. The cost is nearly as high as our current private day care, where there are never more than 10 children, and usually no more than 6. I think that Christopher can wait until he is at least 4 until he starts Kindergarten.

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