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Experimental Failure

Congratulations to Jim and Cheryl Roepke on the birth of their son (with picture!). At just over 10 pounds, he's in Christopher's weight class.

Last night we tried removing the two removable rods from the side of Christopher's crib, since he can crawl over anyway. He found the new exit fascinating and refused to go to sleep, even after his parents wanted to. Finally at 10:30 pm, we put the rods back in. He crawled out one more time, and finally fell asleep. Postscript: As I was writing this, I head a crash and cry from upstairs. Christopher is up and raring to go at 6:30 am! He's sure going to nap well this afternoon. I hope.

Of course, the XML Coffee Mug won't work for people running Radio remotely. Then again, people smart enough to run Radio remotely are smart enough to set up a redirect from to whereever their Radio is running.

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