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Aut Idem

The weather was much too nice for early February this weekend. Yesterday Mama bought an electric hedge trimmer and attacked the wild roses. Today we took Christopher to the Wildpark Schwarze Berge. It seemed like half of Hamburg had the same idea, but we had a good time and Christopher loved the giant slide which is actually intended for kids twice his age.

This is mostly for Alwin, with whom I sometimes share details of the German health system. Hamburger Abendblatt (in German): The German Bundesrat (upper house of parliament) approved "Aut Idem" prescriptions, meaning that pharmacists in most cases will be to choose the cheapest drug (i.e. generics). At the same time, the Bundesrat rejected flat rate (as opposed to daily rate) hospital billing, sending the proposal to the German equivalent of the conference committee. FAZ has a short English report.

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