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Cereal Bowl


Right now Christopher is standing on his chair by the sink, "washing dishes". Can he cause any damage, other than getting himself wet? Well, if he has a paper towel in the sink that blocks the valve at the top of the sink, plenty. Notice how full the sink is. (The apple he's eating is one he's has personally washed in his sink.)

It's the little crises that make life interesting. This morning Christopher woke up with his door closed. That shouldn't be a problem, but he crawled out of bed by himself (the two removable poles were out but last I remember they were in... did he take them out himself?), he stumbled in the dark over assorted toys to the door, and couldn't get out. And started crying. And I couldn't hear him from my bed, because his door was closed. I have no idea how long he waited to be let out, but it took 15 minutes to calm him down.

No, I did not watch the Super Bowl last night, which was actually this morning German time. Midnight to 4am is not prime time for anything except sleeping. Unless the Vikings were playing. But even then I'd go to bed if they were being blown out at halftime.

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