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Photo Ranch

We finally got some new pics up at the photo ranch.

Christopher cracks the Barney code He's had this Barney laptop since his first birthday, with buttons for numbers, shapes and various objects. After leaving it alone for a while, a couple weeks ago he picked it up again and kept switching to the 'find' mode, where he is supposed to push the button that Barney asks him to and is really intended for kids much older than two. He'd push a random button, Barney would ask him to try again, and Christopher would get frustrated and get one of us to find the right button. I had to play Barney for over an hour one evening last week.

But last night, it clicked. Maybe Christopher figured out that he had to actually listen to what Barney was asking him, but he started finding the buttons, first time, every time. In English, which his not his first language.

I fully expect in a couple of years that Christopher will teach me how to program in Python.

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