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Three Monkeys

All three crises are still bubbling.
The number of informants in the NPD scandal is up to 5, maybe 6, and there are more and more calls from FDP and CDU to drop the case.
Meanwhile, in the job placement scandal, reports are that Arbeitsamt head Jagoda was informed of irregularites 4 years ago, and other reports that he ordered his investigators to refute the current charges, rather than to see if they were true. He's not a political appointee, but he's probably on the way out.
And in Brussels, Schröder may have avoided a formal EU budget warning, but at the cost of a lot of bad blood in the Commission and the smaller member countries.
I can't remember that Kohl ever had to juggle 3 crises at once. Hell, Kohl couldn't juggle at all.

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